Results Before Running

Elizabeth Whitmore graduated from Clark Atlanta University in 2012, and became a homeowner a year after graduation. Three days into being in her home the need for change in District 4 was apparent, and from there she hit the ground running reaching out to city officials, city departments, and then the media when her concerns were not addressed in a swift manner. Whitmore has contacts in each city department that she has fostered respectful relationships with, and will build upon what she has already accomplished to get more things done for District 4. Whitmore believes that when talented communities are not thriving we must examine the leadership.

Whitmore is working for MORE in Council District 4

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Whitmore Hangs Signs to Set New Standard in Community

When Whitmore became a homeowner a year after graduating from Clark Atlanta University she did not allow the area to become her new normal. She fought tirelessly each day to get the message across that change is possible and that the community will no longer tolerate the unacceptable. Whitmore purchased signs and hung them in the communities most notorious drug areas to send the message that violators need to leave the community. She is unapologetic about setting a new standard across the district. VOTE Whitmore for District 4. Whitmore is working for MORE in District 4.

Corporate Sponsored Mural to Address Graffiti in Community

In District 4 there are challenges facing local gangs and Whitmore resides in a community that was known as the most gang infested in Atlanta. Whitmore and her neighbors would not allow that label to be true so they applied for local grants, reached out to corporate sponsors, and developed a beautiful mural. Local news stations shared the story and acknowledged that they brought hope to the area. Whitmore believes there are creative ways to combat crime, but we also must address the importance of our youth respecting the community. We need our parents to support our desire for a clean community. VOTE Whitmore for District 4. Whitmore is working for MORE in District 4.

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Whitmore Addresses Unboarded Properties Near Local School 

The property behind Whitmore in the video image was knocked down a month after the Channel 2 news feature along with the owner being financially cited by the city. This property was 7 doors down from M. Agnes Jones Elementary, and had no doors or windows. Whitmore called the conditions deplorable, and unsafe for the community (most importantly the children). In District 4 there are over 500 abandoned/vacant properties. Whitmore will be increasing the fines associated with registering an abandoned property to $1000. It is currently only $100 to register an abandoned property for the year in the City of Atlanta, which is gravely harming communities such as Oakland City, Ashview Heights, and Mozley Park. Whitmore has proven results before running, and will not be afraid to speak up for each community in District 4. VOTE Whitmore for District 4.

Consistently Featured on Local News to Address Neglect in District 4

Whitmore was 22 years of age when this initial television interview was done, and she spoke out about the drug houses, squatters, and prostitution in the area. Many people told her the area had always been that way, but since day one she has been committed to changing it. She also addressed that at the city level she was told she lived on the wrong street. The City of Atlanta realized it was much better to support Whitmore in her efforts oppose to making excuses about the current conditions of the area, and once elected in 2017 she is confident her city connections will also aid her in getting more things done for District 4. Whitmore does not back down, and has been a consistent leader in District 4 with proven results she can point to. VOTE Whitmore for District 4.


Solid Waste Executive Team

In 2016, after many concerns from residents across District 4 specifically in Mozley Park, Venetian Hills, West End, Westview, Ashview Heights, and Oakland City referenced their trash or recycling not being picked up Whitmore requested a tour with the Solid Waste Executive team to address the concern. Westside residents should not receive sub par city services, and it shows the lack of respect for the area at the city level. Prior to Whitmore's announcement for City Council District 4 she hosted a clean up in each neighborhood of the district, 12 neighborhoods in total. Solid Waste Management partnered with Whitmore to ensure the trash was picked up no later than 3 days after the completion of the clean up. Once elected Whitmore will work with city departments and change the number of days it takes to get illegal dumping picked up. Currently, it can take 7-10 business days to have illegal dumping removed. Whitmore has already reduced that through her contacts, but once elected will reduce the illegal dumping pick up time to 3-5 business days. After all, the longer trash sits the harder it is to pick up. In closing, two weeks after the Solid Waste Executive team participated in the walkthrough the director and recycling manager were no longer city employees. Whitmore is working for MORE in District 4.



Empowered Local Entrepreneurs through Professional Development

To date, Whitmore has trained over 2,000 residents on the importance of building a sustainable business plan, applying for grants, writing a letter of intent to gain funding, and how to build a website. In order for businesses to thrive in District 4 they must prepare for success well before their doors open. Whitmore is working for MORE in District 4.




May with Mary in Oakland City

Mary Norwood has been a mentor to Whitmore and she has admired Mary's tenacity and service in the Westside community, but also throughout Atlanta. Whitmore is working for MORE in District 4.


Escalated Repaving of Ralph David Abernathy

On January 21, 2016 Whitmore escalated a 311 request to the executive team of Watershed Management via email for an unpaved road located on one of the busiest streets in West End. Prior to Whitmore's escalation the locations of concern had been stripped at the top and unfinished for three weeks. Whitmore believes that the Westside deserves the same respect as any other area. The work order was then completed in just three days. Whitmore is consistently known at the city level for producing results and not taking no for an answer. District 4 will need someone who can come in on day one and get the job done, and that is who she has consistently been. Whitmore is working for MORE in District 4.


Letter to Better Business Bureau Resulted in New Ownership

Whitmore wrote a letter to the Better Business Bureau in June of 2017 addressing the illegal activity and the negligence of the current owners. After her submission she was contacted by the corporate office and informed that the owners had been changed and will work with the Atlanta Police Department to deter the loitering and inappropriate behavior. Whitmore also requested that instead of having a Fish Supreme next door there should be a business that provides healthier options since they are down the street from the new Mercedes Benz Stadium, and located in Castleberry Hill. This is ongoing, and Whitmore is confident in the change she is seeing. Whitmore is working for MORE in District 4.


Brought Mow to Own Program Before Code Enforcement Commission

There are over 500 abandoned/vacant properties in District 4, and one of the main things Whitmore has been working to do is to bring solutions to the table such as the Mow to Own Program. There was a private reception hosted in West End for the Memphis City Councilman Berlin Boyd to discuss he and Whitmore's earlier meeting with the Code Enforcement Commission. We will bring all solutions to the table to address blight, and examine if they are a fit for Atlanta. Whitmore is working for MORE in District 4.


Received Citizens Advocacy Award from District Attorney's Office

Whitmore believes working alongside law enforcement is important and does not shy away from complicated issues. Whitmore was able to remove two drug houses out of her neighborhood along with addressing the issue of sex-workers near local schools. Atlanta is #1 for sex trafficking, and we can no longer turn a blind eye to the pipeline it creates when we allow sex-workers near our schools and local communities. There are certain matters that should not be tolerated and deeply impact the quality of life. Whitmore is working for MORE in District 4.


Atlanta Journal Constitution Feature

Known throughout the City of Atlanta as a consistent voice in District 4 Whitmore has written guest articles and has also been contacted by local journalist for feedback on how blight is impacting many residents quality of life. The following photo is from the June 2016 issue of the Atlanta Journal Constitution, which details how many of the properties that are abandoned are owned by Limited Liability Companies, which make it virtually impossible to find the owner or to hold anyone accountable. Whitmore will work with a legal team to address next steps. Whitmore is working for MORE in District 4.


Supporter of the Beltline Westside Trail

Whitmore can recall attending one of her first NPU-T meetings when some neighbors expressed a boycott of the Beltline Westside Trail, and she stood up and stated that she was a supporter of the Beltline Trail. Whitmore does believe that property taxes should not increase for those residents who have been owning their property for a certain period of time prior to the Beltline coming in, and will work with the Beltline on a solution. The Beltline Westside Trail will attract new neighbors of all backgrounds and the health component will help neighbors safely stay in shape and active. Whitmore believes that certain development projects will contribute to a better future for the district, and the Beltline Westside Trail is one of them. Whitmore is working for MORE in District 4.


Initiated Corporate Partnership to Cover Graffiti

The Westside is heavily connected to art and Whitmore's beloved neighborhood, Ashview Heights was struggling with gang graffiti. An officer even went on the local news and stated it was the most notorious gang area in Atlanta. Through reaching out to multiple corporate partners the neighbors of Ashview Heights created a remarkable mural, which couldn't be possible without the corporate and city level support. Whitmore is working for MORE in District 4.


Partnered with the Atlanta University Center Students for Community Service

Whitmore's parents met in the Atlanta University Center in the early 80's and they recall the area being in the same condition it is currently in as it relates to the blight, increase in sex-workers, and lack of resources for those who struggle with drug abuse or mental illness. In an effort to protect the students of the AUC the institutions found it safer for them to ask students to remain inside the gates instead of venturing out. Whitmore realized that the only way to change an area is to engage it. She partnered with the campus organizations and has provided community service hours to over 300 students. Whitmore is working for MORE in District 4.


Speaking at the Westside Future Fund

Earlier on when the Westside Future Fund began Whitmore was given the opportunity to say a few words on how attendees could better assist neighborhoods on the Westside. Many residents host community clean-ups as an effort to maintain cleanliness. Whitmore is requesting for volunteers to assist with an upcoming neighborhood event. Whitmore has consistently worked for more in District 4, and looks forward to continuing her efforts. Whitmore is working for MORE in District 4.