After attending one of Elizabeth Whitmore’s grant writing workshops, I felt empowered. She has a unique way of pushing you to believe that you can achieve anything, if you would only take the first step. I was ecstatic when my non-profit organization was awarded a Google Grant. This award exceeded all of my expectations and my business has grown exponentially as a result! I would not have gotten this far if it weren’t for Elizabeth and her willingness to share knowledge. She inspired me to make bold moves to leave my mark on the world and I am grateful for it. Elizabeth, you made me better – thank you!
— Kierra Taplin
I recently attended the Business Plan Seminar with Elizabeth, and I must say I am very impressed with her drive and determination to see a change in our beloved city. The class was so informative I didn’t have to ask many of the questions I wrote down. I’m so appreciative to have spoken with Elizabeth afterwards and pick her brain for awhile. Thank you so much for a wonderful class.
— Ashton Cheeks
I have been fortunate to attend two of Elizabeth’s workshops (grant writing and business plan writing). Both classes were top-notch and exceeded my expectations. Elizabeth and the colleagues she enlisted to assist had a wealth of inspiration that they openly shared with us. I left both classes, informed, inspired, and prompted to act!
— Chloe Faith Harper
I thoroughly enjoyed the A-Z Business Plan Seminar. Elizabeth went over and beyond to bring us the best information on how to kick start our business plan adventures. The guest speakers answered a lot of my questions on legal issues and how to make sure I am doing this process correctly. I am definitely “agitated” enough to get my children’s respite care business off the ground. Thank you for everything Elizabeth! You are an inspiration.
— Candice Scott
This workshop proved to be an invaluable tool as I begin my journey to entrepreneurship. I was swimming in ideas, details, and an overwhelming amount of data, but I did not have a clear vision of what to do until I took this course. The clear series of steps helped me map out a solid plan of action, which I have been implementing as I move forward with my dream. This was truly an amazing opportunity to launch into your future! I highly recommend any events Elizabeth sponsors.
— Vickie M. Crockett
This event was very informative! I really enjoyed it, and learned a great deal. I received a plethora of knowledge from all aspects of business as it relates to starting my non-profit organization.
— Sabrina Daniel Harris