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Elizabeth's Story

Elizabeth Whitmore is an active Westside community resident. Her activitism in the community is special seeing that her parents met and married in the Atlanta University Center in the early 80's, and later sent all three of their children to their respective institutions. Instinctually, upon graduating from Clark Atlanta University in 2012 Whitmore purchased a home in the Westside community. 

Having lived in other areas of the City of Atlanta such as Atlantic Station, Elizabeth quickly became frustrated by how some elected city representatives, state representatives as well as city services, including the Atlanta Police Department, considered the conditions of the Westside to be normal.  Elizabeth was further appalled by the response she received from elected officials after expressing her concerns regarding the conditions and even the basic city services that were being paid for but not received on the Westside.  As a result, Elizabeth began making appearances on the local news station, WSBTV (Channel 2 News) for a call to action with regard to blight, prostitution, illegal dumping and truancy to name a few.  Realizing Channel 2 News was a vehicle to bring attention to the unacceptable on the Westside, but not enough to bring about long lasting change, she began to become actively involved in the Ashview Heights neighborhood association.  From there the community activist and the desire to see change for the entire Westside was born.

Elizabeth began with monthly neighborhood cleanups in Ashview Heights but has also sponsored cleanups in Mozley Park, Oakland City, Mechanicsville, Castleberry Hill and Bush Mountain.  Elizabeth began to foster development of key relationships because she alone would not be able to bring about the changes that’s needed on the Westside.  Elizabeth began talking to businesses and their owners to see how she could support the local business by hosting a number a grant writing workshops at their facility.  Elizabeth began fostering a relationship with the zone commander of the Atlanta Police Department, Fulton County District Attorney’s Office, members of City Council and the Atlanta Housing Authority, the Atlanta Hawks and Global Paint for Charity to name a few.

To demonstrate the power of these relationships, Fulton County District Attorney’s Office partnered with Elizabeth to solicit a significant contribution from Home Depot to beautify the few blocks across from an elementary school in the Ashview Heights neighborhood as well as painting a mural to cover gang graffiti that was plastered all over the exterior wall of a corner store that was used to recruit kids into the gang.  Elizabeths’ partnership with the Atlanta Hawks resulted in a giveaway to residents in need on the Westside by providing items such as toiletries to those without.  Elizabeth also coordinated a meeting between Atlanta’s city council and Memphis Tennessee’s councilman Berlin Boyd, for a conversation regarding options as to how address the blight issues on the Westside that he implemented in his own district in Tennessee that has been successful.

Based upon the foregoing, it was only fitting for Elizabeth Whitmore to establish Whitmore Works as she’s working for more in her district and the Westside as a whole.